Hello, I am Keith M - this is me.

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[ Short form ]
When I discovered that I was allowed to make erotic art, it became all I wanted to do. Therefore, I am passionate about creating erotic visual works that tittalate, invigorate and maybe even inspire.

[ Long form ]
I am a man who enjoys the company of men, human anatomy and the way sex looks and feels.  My artistic mission is to create unapologetic erotic art, to push my stack of chips forward and to go all in.  Hopefully by doing this I can have no regrets when I glance into the rearview mirror from time to time.  My intent is to make art that is fresh and compelling while being true to my innermost desires.  At times I feel like this is my alter ego, but I always end up realizing that all that is part of me is who I really am even when no one else is aware of the varied chapters that lay within me.  One of my favorite artists is Tom of Finland and he has undoubtedly been a big inspiration in my artistic journey.  The turning point of my artistic mission was when I visited the Tom of Finland Foundation in 2013 during the year I spent living in LA.  It was then that I realized that there were many people making erotic art and that I too wanted to be a participating member of this pantheon.  

When thinking back over my life I realize that I have always had an interest in drawing images that were NSFW.  I suppose I can only create things that reflect who I am, which is undeniably odd guy.  As I have grown older the bizarre doodling of my youth has evolved into the risqué visuals that I strive to create today.  In my experience, what I have found is that when I create art that is safe and meant to be viewed by the masses I end up feeling like a cheap people pleaser.  In turn, this leads me to feeling like I have churned out yet another banal piece to be tossed into the instantly forgettable and soulless abyss of the art world trash.  However, when I let it all hang out there and allow my imagination to have no limits it is then that I feel my work signifies the efforts of someone who has an understanding of the saying "To thine own self be true.".

Thank you for checking me out and have a fun one.

Keith M